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We employ our expertise in risk management, industrial hygiene, compliance and hazardous materials to solve your problems. The expertise includes the recognition, evaluation and control of physical, chemical, and biological hazards; the determination of regulatory compliance; identification and determination of root causes; and communicating solutions effectively.

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Our mission is to work with you to solve your challenging problems and to provide cost effective solutions for complex issues.


BP IH Strike Team

We assisted with the BP oil spill cleanup response by managing an industrial hygiene monitoring team and were later assigned to the Drill Ship Enterprise to supervise complex permit required confined space work.


Experimental ETO Measurement

Designed an experiment to determine ethylene oxide desorption rates from a medical device; then used the experimental derived data to model and determine the potential occupational  exposure to handlers of the medical device.


Marshall Fire Exposure Assessments

Conducted pre and post exposure assessments of residences impacted by smoke and wildfire debris.


Writing the Guidebook for Evaluating Residences

We saw the need for a comprehensive approach to the evaluation process so that homeowners are protected. The book provides in-depth methodologies and best practices for assessing the damage to homes caused by fires and smoke. The book serves as a go-to resource for professionals seeking to understand the complexities of fire-related environmental impacts.

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As Practice Commissioner of AIA San Diego, I was particularly well-pleased with the comprehensive information presented in this course. James Lieberman CIH, President of EIS possesses a wealth or knowledge, which clearly took years to acquire. His son, Project Engineer Benjamin, offered constructive comments throughout the program, obviously having been fully immersed in the subject matter for quite sometime. From a personal and professional standpoint, I highly recommend this seminar.  Hats off to Jim and Ben for a job VERYwell done!

Randel Jay Ehm

"I took James' class in Seattle, and I cannot tell you how informative it was. For someone with zero background in the industry, he gave clear, relative, and concise information, that built up over the duration of the course. He made sure everyone understood the concepts before dismissing us. He was open to any questions. I would highly recommend taking this course if you're looking to be a compliant, knowledgeable and top standard individual in the industry."

Danelle Gillingham
Want to talk? See How We Can Help You
Want to talk? See How We Can Help You
Want to talk? See How We Can Help You
Want to talk? See How We Can Help You
Want to talk? See How We Can Help You

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